Mini Review: Celebrity Meltdowns

20141221_133140Even More Outrageous Celebrity Meltdowns: Pop-up Parodies of Your Favorite Stars
By: Heather Havrilesky

My Edition:
Hardcover, 20 pages
2007, Melcher Media
ISBN: 9781595910349

I had no idea this book existed, until I received it as a Christmas gift. I’m not particularly interested in celebrity gossip or scandals, but this book was intended as a gift and what really made me laugh is that it’s a pop-up book. I actually have a handful of pop-up books, which the giver didn’t know about, so it fits in my collection!

This book has 9 little stories about crazy things celebs have done, like when Mel Gibson went on his offensive rant, when Dick Cheney shot his friend in the face while they were hunting and when Britney Spears had her baby on her lap when driving. The stories are just little blurbs, the main draws are the comedic illustrations and the pop-up effects. I got a few chuckles out of pulling the tabs to make certain features move.

I’d never buy something like this for myself, but I think it’s a great joke gift for someone who reads a lot of ragmags or is very into silly celebrity stories.

20141221_133232There’s a tab on each page you can pull to add some movement to the page. In this case, when you pull the tab on the left, you can pull Nicole’s car across the page. 

20141221_133301Pulling the tab on this page kind of moves the guy’s head (on the right).

20141221_133352This was my favorite page – the tree comes up and it’s probably about 12 inches high. Then when you pull the tab, it causes Keith Richards to sort of  climb the tree.



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