Life of a Book Hoarder

All The Tanith

I’ve said I wanted to do it, and so, I finally did – I set out all of my Tanith books so I could capture them in one photo. Ta-da! It’s not the best (or most beautiful) shot, but the timing worked – the weather is too crappy now to bring them outside and honestly, I was too lazy to haul them downstairs where I had floor space. Since the bookshelf is right next to the bed and I was washing the comforter, it seemed like a perfect time to just lay everything out.

So here you have it, people interested in my Tanith collection (if there are any of you actually out there), all 67 of my Tanith books. A few are duplicates, as I have some novels individually and then in omnibus collections as well…but I don’t mind! My favorites are all those juicy, brightly colored Daw paperbacks. The cover art is just fantastic.

Maybe someday I’ll take pictures that actually look nice…but for now, here’s what I’ve got:

And bonus pictures of Lilu helping:

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