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Favorite Instagram Posts of 2015

To cap off my 2015 review posts, I’d figured I’d throw my favorite shots from my Instagram, since almost everything I post is book related. You can find me at milliebot_reads.

These are really just in order from earliest to most recent. (Pardon the fact that they include my captions…the easiest way to put them into the post seemed to be to embed them.)

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[·_·[] I'm reading so many graphic novels this month!! In Real Life By Cory Doctorow 4/5 stars Anda is a girl gamer who joins an mmorpg called Coursegold and discovers there's more to the game than just leveling up when she meets a struggling gamer from China. As usual, I greatly enjoyed Doctorow's work. As a girl gamer and someone whose life is inundated with technology, I always find his work relevant. I like that Doctorow's books make me think about global issues and remind me that there are ways to create change, especially using all this technology. Not to mention the art style is just lovely. Definitely give this book a chance. A few more pics posted on my blog. . . #vscocam #vscobooks #vscoreads #books #graphicnovels #yafiction #corydoctorow #inreallife #bookstagram #bibliophile #booknerdigans #bookblogger #reader #igreads #milliebotreviews

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[·_·[] #AustenMonth wrap up In February I read 10 books for a total of 2,287 pages and an average of 82 pages per day. My goal was to read 5 Austen or Austen related books and I read 3. But her work isn't exactly something to breeze through. And I'm happy that I've now read all her finished novels. I still plan to focus in finishing reading what I have in my Austen collection over the next few months. The other books I read this month were the rest of the Y The Last Man series, which I didn't review, but it was excellent and you should check it out! There are also a couple other Austen posts on my blog. . . #vscocam #vscoreads #vscobooks #books #bookporn #janeausten #bookblogger #bibliophile #bookstagram #bibliophile #PrideAndPrejudice #SenseAndSensibility #MansfieldPark #NorthangerAbbey #Emma #Persuasion #penguinclassics

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[·_·[] The Girl in 6E By A.R. Torre 4/5 stars Deanna has barricaded herself in her apartment for three years to avoid murdering others. She's made her money as an internet sex worker, and now something has happened with a client to cause her to consider leaving… I think I mentioned I love this book? If not…Well, I love it! It's sexy, kinky and thrilling and just what I needed to spice up my summer reading. I think it's best to know as little as possible before going in (other than that it deals heavily with pornography, if you're not comfortable with that), so just pick up a copy and dive in! Is erotic thriller a genre? If not, it should be, because it's awesome. . . #vscocam #vscobooks #vscoreads #books #milliebotreviews #bookstagram #bibliophile #bookporn #instabooks #thegirlin6e #artorre #bookreview

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