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Judging A Book By Its Cover: Bookish Wedding Details

In lieu of my normal bookporn post, this week I wanted to feature the bookish details from my wedding! I designed our save the dates, invitations and place cards, as well as made our table numbers and decor and the flowers for my girls and I.

DIY projects are certainly a great way to save money and add a personal touch to your wedding, but let me tell you – I was so tired of crafting and especially of making the damn flowers, that I’m pretty sick of DIY anything right now! >_< However, I’m very pleased with how everything turned out.

You may recall my last Judging Post featured a sample of the book bundles I used for the centerpieces.

These were the simplest element to make. I went to a favorite bookstore of mine (Brattle Bookshop in Boston) because they have a great selection of $1 and $3 books, many of which are vintage. I even scored a few from my local library. Then I just grabbed a few (too many) rolls of twine from the Target dollar bin and we tied them in neat little bundles and added a paper flower and the table numbers. I found the letter-shaped clip stands from Michaels for an extra personal touch. The table numbers themselves are just recycled book pages glued to cardstock with numbers painted on them. I used the same font that was on our invites (though I’m not sure our guests noticed that).

Sweetbeeps managed to snag a picture of the table set up before our guests arrived:

Some guest photos:

The koozies we ordered online and much to our surprise, they also had the font we used on the invitation! I was very happy with that. We decided to keep it simple and avoid any graphics or cliché sayings.

I wanted our place cards to look like old library cards, which was pretty simple to design. I found a free font that looked like a stamp and used that for the date and table numbers, and then a handwriting-esque font to add a personal touch for the guest’s names. When we were touring the tables during dinner one of the aunts asked me if I’d ever actually seen a real library card and I said of course I had! I fondly remember getting them stamped when I was in middle school. But I realize the younger generations are totally unaware of these things. I wish we still used them, to be honest.

A guest photo of our sweetheart table:

One of my bridesmaids picked up these letter cut-outs from Michaels (I think) and then I put my flowers in the vase during the reception.

I bought each of my bridesmaids a book necklace with their initial on it – probably I should have purchased one for myself as well (because they’re so cute!) but it worked out because Sweetbeeps ended up gifting me an amethyst necklace the day of the wedding.

And then, of course, we have the flowers. I found this tutorial online and painstakingly cut out a bunch of squares from recycled book pages, then painted them all. After that I recruited another bridesmaid to help me cut and form them into flowers. We just used thin wire and some floral tape for the stems. After I made our bouquets, I had extra paper left and since I’d already cut and painted it all, I made one flower for each table. I’m really happy with how they came out but I never want to make them again. :]

I might do another post after we get the photos back from the photographer. I also plan to make a book out of all the wedding cards we received (yes, I know I said I’m sick of DIY and I am, but I have to do something nice with them!) so you may see a post on that in the future too.

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