Providence Bookventures

My friend Melissa is visiting from Maryland (see us in the window above?) and none of our vacations together would be complete without some serious book shopping! I didn’t feel like venturing into Boston and there aren’t any other great used bookstores in the area (or even indie stores) so I decided we should take a trip to Providence, RI. We’re so glad we did, as it’s lovely and we found a couple great shops and places to eat!

Our first stop was Books on the Square – an indie shop with a great selection of middle-grade, but a rather poor showing in the fantasy/sci-fi department. They had some nice stationery too. I bought two books here.

Art near where we parked!

Next we headed to Cellar Stories, which I heard about on the Instagram account, FantasyBookCollector. So glad we went – a huge collection of used books from all sorts of genres! Sadly I didn’t find any new Tanith to add to my collection, but I did grab another ten books!

Ah, yes, my favorite genre: Anti-Optimism.

Had lunch and some fantastic beer at the Trinity Brewhouse.

Can you guess each musician in the painting?

This bakery and coffee shop was so cute and smelled wonderful and I definitely want to go back.

Macaron ice cream sammies! Sooo good.

My haul! So pleased.

5 thoughts on “Providence Bookventures

  1. What a wonderful day!

    I spy The Invention of Hugo Cabret in your haul! Is it the illustrated edition? I listened to the audiobook last year, but feel that the illustrations really enhance the reading experience. Enjoy!

    • Yes, it’s illustrated! A hefty tome, but probably a quick read since it seems there are so many pictures. I’ll probably do a Judging post on it in the future.

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