Monthly Wrap Up

November Wrap Up


In November I read 11 books for a total of 2,913 pages and an average of 97 pages per day. Ratings wise I very much enjoyed everything I read!

The standouts for me this month were a couple middle-grade reads, Birdwing and Sawdust in His Shoes, as well as the Slothilda book because it was so dang cute and totally relatable. Overall, a seriously solid reading month! Here’s hoping I can wrap up the year with more of the same! Lots of forthcoming reviews this month, as I didn’t feel like writing reviews while I was on vacation.


The House in Poplar Wood by K.E. Ormsbee
First Sentence: It was an ordinary day at Poplar House.
Static Ruin by Corey J. White
First Sentence: On Joon-ho Station, drifting temple of some ancient religion, the pilgrims press in tight, smell of sweat and grime thick even through my rebreather.

A few thoughts on Goodreads:

Chainmail Bikini by Various Authors
The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie
First Sentence: The intense interest aroused in the public by what was known at the time as “The Styles Case” has now somewhat subsided.

Reviews to come:

The City of Lost Fortunes by Bryan Camp
First Sentence: In the beginning, there was the Word, and the Void, and Ice in the North and Fire in the South and the Great Waters.

Runtime by S.B. Divya
First Sentence: The wall behind Marmeg thrummed with the muffled impact of bass beats.

Sawdust in His Shoes by Eloise Jarvis McGraw
First Sentence: All his life Joe Lang was to remember that night – the night that tossed him into a new world.

The Power by Naomi Alderman
First Sentence: I’ve finished the bloody book.

Birdwing by Rafe Martin
First Sentence: Rain pelted heavily against the narrow, glazed window.

Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado

Slothilda: Living the Sloth Life by Dante Fabeiro

I also wanted to note that I participated in a readathon (a rare occurrence for me – mostly I’m too lazy to care), The Middle Earth Road Trip Readathon hosted by Ekho. My yearly Hobbit reread is approaching and how could I not participate in a readathon that pays homage to the world Tolkien created?

Here’s what I’ve counted:
Fangorn Forest – The House in Poplar Wood
Gondor – Birdwing
Rivendell – Static Ruin
Lonely Mountains – Sawdust in his Shoes
Mirkwood – Her Body and Other Parties
Numenor – The City of Lost Fortunes
Shire – Mysterious Affair at Styles
Khand – Runtime
Mordor – The Power

I’m going to give a go at their December Unread Readathon too, but I make no promises.

My TBR Tear Down attempts remain pretty abysmal. Though I did make the decision to unhaul one and I started Maid Marian on the eve of the 30th so that counts, dammit! I’m hoping to do better in December and I’m going to stick with this in 2019 in a vain attempt to focus on books that have been on my shelves the longest.


There we have it, folks! Here’s hoping we all finish the reading year strong.

*cover images from goodreads

4 thoughts on “November Wrap Up”

  1. I love that you reread The Hobbit every year! I haven’t read it since I was a freshman in high school… which was 17 years ago. Wow! I feel super old now. I really do need to reread it. I think I’ll probably give it a go via audiobook when I do.

    I am going to head over to read your review for Her Body and Other Parties! I’ve been interested in reading it, and want to see what you thought.


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