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Mini Vacation: Cape Cod

Sweetbeeps and I went to Cape Cod for Memorial Day weekend and of course I found a few bookstores for us to visit – so I wanted to share some pics from the trip!

Saturday we started our adventures at Heritage Gardens in Sandwich. The weather was lovely (finally!) and I enjoyed walking the grounds, though I was expecting more variety in the flowers. Maybe we missed sections? I wasn’t too bummed thoough, because we got in for free because I have a membership at a local botanical garden.

They had a building with a carousel and this random museum full of old-timey stuff like tiny guns and old bottles with whale oil. They had some funny paintings with mermaid butts too. We didn’t end up riding the carousel, though I kind of wish we had…

There’s also a neat looking round building that houses a bunch of old cars! So many of my pictures didn’t come out good though because the lighting indoors was terrible and I don’t know how to use my camera correctly. 

Next we hit up Titcomb’s Bookshop per the recommendation of a friend. This is a cute little story that has a mix of new and used books, some discounted books and other toys and gifts. Looks like they do fun events too – I’m always happy to support a local bookstore!

I love this rock garden idea! Naturally Sweetbeeps and I left some rocks.

They had this great blind date setup too – I’ve never done one of these before because I’m nervous about spending money on a mystery book. But this was perfect because I was able to just donate some money to their local literary council – a worthy cause!

My little haul: Time War was the blind book – it actually sounds pretty darn good. The Vanderbeekers was one of their discount books and then I’d never seen Infinite Detail before but it sounded good. I was happy to see their Bookjig display too – it’s been a while since I’ve found them in the wild. I had most of the ones they carried but took home the cutie bird.

Before we headed to the place we were staying at we got lunch at Father’s Kitchen. Great selection of beers! The food was good too. And they let me keep that cute bee cup when I asked. It’s my new wine glass now.

I found the perfect little Air Bnb – the hosts were great, the space was wonderful and it was just what we were looking for budget-wise. I hope we can go back someday.

I brought 3 books with me because I thought I’d get way more reading done. Turns out I was wrong.

Sunday we had breakfast at The Pancake Man, another recommendation from a friend. The food was excellent. Unfortunately we waited for the check for about 20 minutes while our waitress totally ignored us. Kind of killed the good mood were in…

But I solved that by finding another bookstore for us to visit! Parnassus Book Service is a great place to look for older books. They did have a mix of ‘newer’ used books, but a lot of the volumes were older. I didn’t find a dedicated sci-fi/fantasy section, which was probably the best for my wallet. But there was a middle-grade/kids section (which was occupied by parents so I didn’t end up looking) and the whole shop has that wonderful cramped, lived-in feel. I’d recommend it.

I bought the Water Lilies book because the cover was pretty and it was $1. The other copy is a tiny Wuthering Heights. It’s in pretty good shape (it’s from 1961 I believe) and the pages are thin and crinkly and I might actually read this copy (carefully.)

Then it was on to Pirate’s Cove minigolf! We don’t have too many local minigolf places and the ones we do have are a bit…boring. So I was happy to go to a course that had fun details. I even won, which NEVER happens.

Lunch at Captain Parker’s was tasty and our waitress was fantastic!

We finished the night with a roaring fire built by our hosts in their gorgeous firepit.

We spent most of Monday stuck in traffic trying to get home, so no pictures. But it was a great weekend and I’m always happy to explore new bookstores!

7 thoughts on “Mini Vacation: Cape Cod”

    1. Haha I actually don’t like pancakes or waffles (except eggos) but of course they had plenty of other breakfast. Sweetbeeps is a pancake guy and he enjoyed them.


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