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Who is Milliebot?
An extremely advanced, human-like robot created to integrate seamlessly with society.

Hmm. Not sure if I was supposed to share that!

Anyway, something in my programming triggered an extreme love of reading and book hoarding, so I created this blog to share my passion! That’s what humans do, right? Blog about their passions?

My data logs show I’ve been interested in books and reading since my creation. I’ve always owned a lot of books (or “too many” if you’re of a similar mindset of some of my family members or my poor husband, Sweetbeeps), but my collection has greatly increased since becoming a part of the book community online!

At some point, I had the brilliant idea to start wrapping my hardcover books in that wonderfully crisp, crinkly plastic that libraries use (I even order from a library supply site) and I also use a catalog to keep track of everything I own. Sadly, this doesn’t completely stop me from inadvertently purchasing a double here and there.

At this point, I’ve accepted my programming and fully embraced hoarding. My TBR has become so massive over the last few years that it’s now sentient and leads a life of its own (we have some pretty good discourse on artificial intelligence.) But I love being a book hoarder! I created this blog to share my thoughts on the books I manage to read, take photos of my books and discuss book-related topics and sometimes even suggest books you might like!

I also enjoy making lists and spreadsheets, photography, arts and crafts, writing, quirky jewelry and being a crazy cat lady. All photos on this blog are my own unless otherwise stated.

I accept review requests from authors and publishers. I’m happy to receive ARCs or finished copies of books to review. I prefer physical books, but do accept e-books. Genres I prefer are fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction, young adult and middle-grade (of all kinds – I friggen love middle-grade). However, I don’t limit myself to those genres and will read anything I think will interest me.

By accepting a book to review, I can’t guarantee that I’ll read and review it right away. I do try my best to do this in a timely manner and post close to the release date, but if you have a specific time frame in mind, please let me know so I can work with it.

All reviews are my honest opinion and that means I may not enjoy a book. I do my best to highlight at least one good thing, but I can’t promise I’ll always find something positive to say. Warning: Negative reviews may contain snark.

If you would like to contact me about a review, team up for a post (I love to see other people’s pretty books and feature them in my Judging posts), or if you just want to talk about books, drop me a line at milliebot.reads[at]gmail[dot]com.

“Millie, I can’t find the star rating in your review post!” you cry.

While you’ll find star ratings on my earlier posts, I’ve moved away from them. I’d like to think that after you’ve read my review, it should be pretty obvious whether I enjoyed a book or not. I want my focus to be on the elements I liked or disliked, rather than an overall number.

There are multiple ways to interpret a rating anyway! Someone people use 1-5, some 1-10. Sometimes a book might be a 5-star read for me because it’s cheesy and entertaining, but poorly written. Sometimes a 5-star might mean it’s mind-blowing and intricate and heart-breaking.

I do use the star ratings on sites that offer them (Amazon, Goodreads, etc.), but I think the 1-5 scale speaks for itself.

To see shelfies, hauls, pictures of my cats and sometimes my food, follow me on Instagram: @milliebot_reads

You can tweet me at the same name, @milliebot_reads and see whatever nonsense I twit about. Mostly I retweet things that make me laugh.

If you’d like an up-to-date look at all the books Sweetbeeps and I own, please check out my LibraryThing

I’ve even got some reviews and recommendations over at Geek Girl Authority!

I post mini and full-length reviews on Goodreads, and I typically copy my reviews of newer books to Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If you’ve contacted me about a review and you’d like me to post my feedback on a specific site, please let me know.

24 thoughts on “About + Contact + Review Policy”

  1. Hey I have a question, I see that you are a reviewer for NetGalley and I literally just signed up. I’m wondering if I should let my blog gain some popularity before sending requests to publishers or did you just jump right in? I’m pretty new at this so any advice would be greatly appreciated 🙂
    PS- I love your blog!


    1. Thanks! Personally, I had about five posts on my blog when I signed up for NetGalley, so I wouldn’t worry about it. I was rejected for quite a few books, then started to have better luck. So I’d say just go for it! 🙂


        1. Librarything has monthly giveaways. I’ve had good luck with that. If you sign up for that site it will probably help to have a few reviews up there. They don’t have to be long.

          I know goodreads does giveaways too, though I’ve never really looked into those.


  2. Hi,
    I nominated you for The Liebster Blog Award. I enjoy your posts and would like to share them with my readers.

    Do check my blog for more information.


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