Book Review: Ironfoot

By Dave Duncan

My Edition:
Hardcover, 332 pages
2017, Nightshade Books/Skyhorse Publishing
ISBN: 9781597809306

Durwin, a lame Saxon, earns a spot at a small enchanting academy run by Normans thanks to his skill with horses. Unlike the other students, he must work to earn his keep and his heritage makes it harder for him to advance. After an incident in class, Durwin’s skill is recognized and once he’s finally promoted to adept, he finds himself rushing to solve a string of murders before the death count rises.

I won this from a Friday Freebie giveaway on the Skyhorse Instagram page and though I didn’t think I’d dislike it, I was surprised by how compelling it was since I knew nothing about it. Yes, I just saw that it was fantasy and entered the giveaway – come now, no one is surprised.

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Book Review: Retrograde

By Peter Cawdron

My Edition:
ARC Paperback, 243 pages
2017, HMH Books
ISBN: 9781328834553

Liz is a scientist living in the U.S. module of an international station on Mars when the group gets the shocking news that several nuclear bombs have been dropped on various major cities around the world. With limited information being sent to the station and no support from Earth, rumors begin to spread and distrust rises between the different modules. Allegiances are put to the test and Liz struggles to keep members of each module from shutting out everyone else. When supplies start disappearing and systems breaking down, everyone in the station must band together to figure out what is happening before their lives are put in peril.

I have mixed feelings about this book and find it hard to talk about.

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Book Review: Sea of Rust

Originally posted on Geek Girl Authority

Sea of Rust
By C. Robert Cargill

My Edition:
Hardcover, 365 pages
2017, Harper Voyager
ISBN: 9780062405838

The last humans have been wiped from the face of Earth and now only robots remain. During the war that eradicated mankind, several mainframes banded together with the consciousness of other robots to create their own armies with shared intelligence. These mainframes are known as OWIs – One World Intelligence – and now they run the world. Freebots are scarce, constantly hunted by OWIs and destroyed if they choose not to upload themselves. Brittle roams the Sea of Rust, scavenging parts from bots on the verge of madness and trying to avoid the notice of the OWIs, but a run in with another scavenger will change everything.

I think we all know I was beyond excited to receive a copy of this book, because what could a robot who loves to read love more than reading about robots?! (Say that five times fast.) I was nervous that I was hyping myself up for this, but the book didn’t disappoint.

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Book Review: Murder is Bad Manners

Murder is Bad Manners
By Robin Stevens

My Edition:
Paperback, 307 pages
2015, Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 9781481422130

Hazel Wong and Daisy Wells have their secret detective club, but until Hazel finds the dead body of one of their teachers in the gym, the pair has never investigated anything as serious as a murder. When they try to alert someone of the body, they return to the gym and find it go. Now they must not only solve the murder but prove it even happened.

I heard about this book over at Richard’s Book Nook and bought it straight away because it’s a middle-grade murder mystery set in the 1930s and I can’t think of anything more perfect! I’m not even sure if he’s read it yet, but I loved it.

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Book Review: Frankenstein Dreams

Frankenstein Dreams
Edited by Michael Sims

My Edition:
Paperback, 387 pages
2017, Bloomsbury
ISBN: 9781632860415 (hardcover)

This is a collection of Victorian sci-fi stories from writers such as Mary Shelley, HG. Wells, Jules Verne and Rudyard Kipling.

I thought this would be right up my alley, but I almost DNF’d it. I kept on because it’s a shorts collection, so I reminded myself that even if I wasn’t enjoying one story, something by a different author would be up next.

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Series Review: Nathaniel Fludd Beastologist

When Nathaniel finds out his parents have been declared lost at sea, he’s forced to move from his home with his governess to live with his father’s cousin, Aunt Phil. Arriving at Aunt Phil’s feeling lost and lonely, Nathaniel is immediately swept into her hectic life as the two set off for Arabia to watch over a phoenix who is ready to lay a new egg. Nathaniel never considered himself the adventurous type, but soon learns adventure is part of the Fludd family heritage.

This is a fun fantasy series for early readers with cute illustrations throughout. I will warn you though, the series remains unfinished and may stay that way.

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Book Review: The Dinosaur Lords

The Dinosaur Lords
By Victor Milan

My Edition:
Paperback, 580 pages
2015, Tor
ISBN: 9780765382115

In Paradise, humans have learned to live side-by-side with dinosaurs and often use them in battles against one another. During one such battle, Lord Karyl finds himself betrayed and left for dead. Determined to spend his second chance at life in obscurity, he finds himself sought out by a dinosaur trainer and his mysterious benefactor.

I’m going to come right out and say it – I have very little idea what happened in this book.

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Book Review: The Punch Escrow

Originally posted on Geek Girl Authority

The Punch Escrow
By Tal M. Klein

My Edition:
Paperback, 356 pages
2017, Inkshares
ISBN: 9781942645580

Joel works as a salter – he teaches and tricks AI models to seem more human – and his wife works for International Transport on a top secret project related to teleportation. Her long hours and inability to speak to him about her job have put their marriage on rocky ground and it isn’t helped by Joel’s smart-ass sense of humor. But the two decide to go on a second honeymoon to reconnect. En route to meet his wife, Joel finds himself duplicated due to a teleportation error and is sucked into the battle between the organization that controls teleportation all across the globe and the members of a religious cult who seek to destroy it.

If you’re looking for a sci-fi novel about teleportation with a heavy dose of smartassery from the protagonist and a few deep questions to ask yourself about the future of our technology and the possibilities of teleportation, then I highly recommend this book.

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Book Review: The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up

The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up
By Marie Kondo

My Edition:
Paperback, 186 pages
2017, Ten Speed Press
ISBN: 9780399580536

Through the medium of manga, Marie Kondo gives an illustrated summary of how to change your lifestyle and your outlook by learning to tidy up your home and keep it that way. She visits the apartment of young, single Chiaki, who can’t seem to keep anything about her life in order and helps her discover how to find what brings her joy.

I don’t normally read these type of lifestyle books and a manga edition was probably the only way I was ever going to pick up this book.

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Book Review: The Wonderling

The Wonderling
By Mira Bartók

My Edition:
ARC paperback, 450 pages
2017, Candlewick Press
ISBN: 9780763691219 (hardcover)
Expected Publication Date: September 26

The Home for Wayward and Misbegotten Creatures houses creatures that are not quite animals and not quite humans and is run by the malevolent Miss Carbunkle and her allergy-ridden (and aptly named) henchman Sneezeweed. At The Home, the creatures, known as groundlings, toil away in Miss C’s widget factory and suffer through hideous lessons like how to be better servants. One groundling, known only as Number Thirteen, has a desperate wish to find out where he came from – all he has is a scrap of a baby blanket, a gold key and the memory of a song. When he saves a new student from a group of bullies and she renames him Arthur, after the great king of old, he finds his courage and starts his quest to discover where he came from.

This is an adorable middle-grade fronted by a timid character who learns to stand up for himself and embrace his hidden talents.

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