Life of a Book Hoarder

Movie Review: Crazy Rich Asians

I caved again and watched a movie based on a book – without having read the book – and once again, really enjoyed. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I loved Crazy Rich Asians!

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Life of a Book Hoarder

Drunk Tag

Wow so finally I’m buzzed AND I remembered to do this tag that my girl Chels helped create about 1.5 million years ago and that I meant to do way sooner! But, when I sit around drinking wine, I tend to forget to blog, ya know? And I wanted to be legit tipsy when writing up this tag. So it’s taken a while…

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Life of a Book Hoarder

Annotated: The City of Dreaming Books

I’m slowly adjusting to the idea of writing in (some of) my books. I don’t always have a lot to say – in the case of City of Dreaming Books, I mostly underlined or highlighted passages that had meaning or were particularly descriptive. But this is one of my favorite books and since I have two copies, I figured I’d mark up my well-loved paperback edition.

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