Life of a Book Hoarder

Tips for New (…or not new) Bloggers

April of this year will mark my fourth year as a blogger and I would like to think I’ve learned some things over the years. Alas, not how to gain lots of followers, design a visually stunning layout, or receive boxes full of books from publishers (you know, the ones with all sorts of cool swag or multiple books that you see the stars of Youtube receive).

I know there are plenty of posts out there full of tips on how to reach a wider audience and engage with readers. What I want to share today are some of the more…let’s say…administrative tips and tricks I’ve developed (some more recently than I’d like to admit).

If you’re starting out, these might make your blogging journey easier. If you’re already established, it might be worth doing some extra legwork to make things easier in the future!

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