Book Review: King of Thorns

King of Thorns
By Mark Lawrence

My Edition:
Paperback, 419 pages
2013, Ace
ISBN: 9780425256237

Having conquered his uncle’s lands, Jorg must now keep them from others who seek to gain territories and become emperor. Eighteen now, Jorg is a king, but he is still plagued by dreams of his dark past. If he wants to keep his kingdom, he needs to fight his inner demons and come up with a plan to defy the odds of the battle before him.

If it’s not already apparent, this is the sequel to Prince of Thorns. Amidst the main storyline, once more we have flashbacks from Jorg, so the story is also about what took place after he begins ruling his uncle’s lands and before the battle he finds himself fighting four years later. This is a solid sequel, but the timeline did trip me up a bit in this one. On top of the two periods of Jorg’s life, there are also diary entries from Katherine that span a good part of the four years of Jorg’s flashbacks.

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